Sunday, August 3, 2008

How to: Shipping

Shipping! A huge part of running an online business. It's time consuming and sometimes stressful. Here are some of the things I have learned. Please add your tips.

Packaging - the goods in my store are not fragile however I do not want them damaged in the mail especially by water. I use bubble mailers when shipping overseas. They are lightweight and withstand a fair amount of wear & tear. At present I buy them from the 100 yen shop. That means they are 100 yen each!! Has anyone found a good supplier of bubble mailers in bulk? My local office supply shop didn't have any.

For shipping overseas I use the post office. I ship by airmail since it's a fast option and cheaper than EMS. Japan Post is incredibly efficient. Most parcels reach their destination within a week. A small parcel up to 2kg ships at a cheaper rate. The website has a rate calculator in English.

For small packages mailed domestically I use Ex-Pack500. These mailing envelopes are 500 yen each which includes the cost of postage and the envelope. You can buy them at the post office to use later, then simply drop in a mailbox. Delivery is overnight.

If you are sending heavier or larger items it might be worth comparing the prices from Japan Post with KuronekoYamato (Yamato Transport Co.). This website has a detailed explanation of the shipping documents.

I hope to add to this section as I learn more myself.


leslie said...

do you have a shop called shimojima in osaka? it is a chain shop. that is where i buy all my shipping supplies. it is a huge store that sells so many different things ... and a lot of stationery products. at a cheaper price. check their website online.

Blooming said...

Thanks Leslie, we do have Shimojima (Osaka people it's in Hommachi). I haven't been there for quite a while, it had slipped my mind. It's a stationery lover's paradise!!

togei said...

Hello, I don't use shipping envelopes but I did a quick search. What about ordering from overseas, for example
and having them shipped.

togei said...

That link should read

togei said...

after envelopes. an html is necessary.