Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome from Togei

Hello, My name is Dave. I have a store at Etsy that you can see if you click here Togei. Welcome to Etsy Focus Japan.

I have lived in Japan for over 14 years, the last 9 in a small village in the mountains of Nara. I am married, have 2 children and a New Foundland dog. I am mainly a potter. A two chamber noborigama keeps me very busy. I found out about Etsy from my sister about 3 weeks ago.

My goals for Japan Etsy Focus.
I would like the team to have several goals.
The first.
Helping sellers in Japan to better understand the ins and outs of selling from Japan. Learning about opportunities in Japan that can help those of us trying to work here.
The second major focus, goal.
I would like to promote is to help the many sellers who want to get a foothold in Japan. What I bring to the table for this second goal is my knowledge of the opportunities here, my language ability and I like to help people out.

If you are interested in the goals put forward by Jacqui or me please leave a comment or email us so we can get back to you and form an effective team.

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