Monday, August 4, 2008

Japan Focus Etsy for those outside of Japan

If you are interested in helping to form an Etsy team that in part has a focus of getting a foothold in the Japanese market read on.
My main idea is to use my knowledge gained through my 15 years here doing shows and art fairs to help those who are interested in getting a foothold here. I am able to put in a maximum of about one hour a day. That means I need people who are willing to get involved.
To start off with I think it would be useful to have two coordinators for the following sections.
  • weaving and sewing
  • ceramics and glass
  • prints and painting
  • leather and wood
  • jewelery and metal
  • general coordinator
These are the sections that are in the upcoming Yamaguchi Craft Fair. Yamaguchi is a major fair so I think it is a good idea to follow their lead on what is accepted. Of course Yamaguchi isn't possible as the deadline is already passed.
If you are interested please leave a comment to this post saying which area you are interested in coordinating.
I will get back to you in the next couple of days.
Thank you,


ching said...

I am interested but I don't see any section for Painting. please contact me if you think I may be of help in anyway.

Thank you.

~ ching.

togei said...

Hello Ching,
I don't think there is a section in the art fairs over here for painting. I will check again and if there is I will get back to you.
Thank you,

togei said...

Hello again Ching,
I realized right after I sent my last comment that I was focusing on art fairs. There are hundreds if not thousands of rental galleries in all parts of the country. They are as easy to get into as paying the weekly fee. If you are interested in organizing people in this area I can do some gallery searching on this side. I have changed the post to read prints and painting.

2039Rebellion said...

more than interested, I have some friends who " promote" me in tokyo, osaka and nara, but anything to branch out helps.

togei said...

Hello 2039,
If you are interested are you willing to coordinate in the prints/painting area? I see you do illustration but I am trying to keep the areas to 5.
Thank you,

ImmatureCouture said...

Thank you for setting this up. I am very interested in this Etsy team! I would be more than happy to help coordinate as well. I am planning on visiting family in Tokyo next year so I would like to start marketing myself in Japan before then.


togei said...

Hello Leila,
Great. Do you have a specific area you are interested in? If you are coming to Japan next year you could set something up by then.