Monday, November 28, 2011


Hi everyone,
I recently posted on the Etsy forum about the possibility of meeting up with Tokyo area Etsy makers. If you are in the Tokyo area (or close by), let's get together for coffee. It would be great to meet some like-minded makers here in Tokyo.

I am a jewellery designer but have an interest in all crafts.
In the future, I am keen to organise some sales events for Tokyo area sellers as well as a Tohoku fundraiser. I'm also keen to find some Etsy makers who I can shop from locally too;-)

Looking forward to hearing from you.



jojoebi said...

I would love to meet up sometime, do you have a time and place?

bikudesigns said...

No time or place in mind, but during the week would be great if you can make it. Will have to bring my little one though:)

AKJapan said...

Would love to but no chance at the moment. I hope 2012 will bring more opportunities to meet up in/near Tokyo. I hope you are all well and making great items.

bikudesigns said...

Thanks Andrea:)

sachin bani said...

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