Saturday, January 29, 2011

Small space.

Out of a general curiosity, how do people on the Japan team deal with small (studio) spaces?

Post a comment or link me to images of your studio, please.


AKJapan said...

I have a modest sized studio now, but when I first came to Japan I had a HUGE space - far bigger than anything I ever had in Australia. It was a storage room above a motor mechanics. I have certainly scaled down the size of work I produce, but that has more to do with ease of storage and saleability than production. You can see my present studio here:

Lady Konnyaku said...

I like your studio space! Mine's a little messy too... but my thought is that if a studio is too tidy, then not much is being made there :-P

hirogems said...

I was surprised that your studio is so clean.
Mine is extremely real chaos.
I would like to see every body's studio.
Why not share photos from your studio every body, on this blog?
Me? I need to clean up before taking