Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Japan team podcasts.

I have just posted this on the Etsy Japan team discussion page.

I would like to do podcast interviews with Japan team members.

My interests are as follows.
Your work.
Your marketing. This will include questions about Etsy.
Your thoughts on the Japan team.

I am hoping to do the podcasts on Monday mornings from 8:00 am my time, Japan time. That is 6:00 pm. Sunday, New York time. It is possible to do them Thursday, 8:00 am Japan time, 6:00 pm. Wednesday New York time. Later I may try to make a slot that is a more humane time for the Japanese based sellers on the team.

The format will be I will call you and record the conversation. The recording will be the podcast. I will call via Skype. You don't need Skype but I do prefer a land line, not a cellular phone. Cell phones are very expensive to call. I do as little editing as possible to the recording. I usually try to keep each podcast to about 30 minutes.

I seem to get a consistent stream of downloads for the podcasts I have done in the past so it is a great way to give your shop some exposure.

If I can get anyone interested please leave a comment and I will contact you.
Thank you,

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dosankodebbie said...

What an awesome strategy! I look forward to getting marketing tips from the more experienced members of the team. :D