Thursday, November 26, 2009

Updated Terms of Use on Etsy

I would like to draw the attention of members to the updated Terms of Use and Do's and Dont's of Etsy. In particular I would like to draw attention to the updated Don't as it relates to outbound links that you place in your Etsy shop, either in the shop announcement or in your profile:

"You may not use Etsy to direct shoppers to another online selling venue to purchase the same items as listed in your Etsy shop, as this may constitute fee avoidance. This includes posting links/URLs or providing information sufficient to locate the other online venue(s)."

For example, you might have a link to your blog in your Etsy shop, and from your blog there might be navigation buttons or hot-links to your commercial website, or other online venues, where you sell the same items as in your ETSY shop. This is now a Don't.


I have highlighted the last sentence in bold, as this part represents a significant change from the previous terms of use. Note that it refers to other sites that contain only the same items as those which you might have on Etsy. If you have different items in different venues, then it is OK to put such out-bound links in your shop.

I have noticed many team members have out-bound links to other venues in their shop announcement. Please be careful and discreet in which links you include in your Etsy shop.


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