Monday, August 31, 2009

New members


Welcome to two new members of the Japan Team.

Mayuko Fujino has prints and originals of her Planet Platonic now available on Etsy.

Elyse from elseseven has recently moved to Tokyo and is now making and selling bags and purses made from remnants and vintage fabrics.


Mee a Bee said...

Welcome to the team! I'm in Osaka.

inci said...

My name is INCI (=Pearl=インジ). I'm a Turk who is living in Norman-Oklahoma/USA. I have an Etsy shop "Pearlsquiltedcrafts" and I am making kai no kuchi boxes, small purses and mini quilts. I can speak and read Japanese fairly easily and use Japanese patchwork magazines for patterns of my work. I love Japan. You can find my detailed story related to Japan in my Etsy profile page. I'd like to join your team if it's OK with you.
My email addy is

Thanks so much for your consideration.

INCI = Pearl