Wednesday, January 21, 2009

an Introduction

I am Jo and still quite new to Etsy.
A bit of background, I am a Brit, married to a Japanese chap and I have been in Japan for 9.5 years and before that I worked and travelled quite a bit.
I opened a shop last September with a hope that I can earn money and stay at home with my son without going back to teaching English.
I have always been a crafty gal and currently rubber stamp carving along with sewing seems to be my thing. I am still trying to figure out what sells well on Etsy which also fits well with my life-style. It is like some strange manic balancing act and as Etsy is supposed to be a way for me to make money I feel that I have to think as a business woman not as an artist and that is not an easy thing to do.
If you are interested and want to read my waffle I have a blog here.
It is lovely to find some fellow Etsians in Japan and thank you to Meeabee for getting in touch, I hope 2009 is a fab year for all of us.


Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

Hi Jo,
Nice to read your intro. I too find it an ongoing challenge to think in a more business-minded way. Joining Etsy has helped me develop this. I have found this useful in many ways and it has given me more confidence when showing my folio to galleries.

One World One Heart looks interesting. I'm going to check it out.

bikudesigns said...

Hi Jo,
Just read your blog. Your little one is so adorable.
Great shop too.
Welcome to the team!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jo,
Welcome to the team. Your blog is very nice.

Gallery Juana said...

It sure is a balancing act with Etsy and living life. Glad to meet you and I will stop by your blog!