Monday, November 24, 2008

Travelling ETSian wishes to meet Tokyo crafters.

I received a convo from Pink, a Denver based Etsian who has a shop Green Jeans which makes bags from recycled jeans. She is wishing to meet up with Etsy crafters on her trip to Tokyo next month.

"Hello! I see that you are the contact for the Japan team here on etsy; junigatsu de nihon e ikimasu. Tokyo ni senshuukan kenbutsu shitai, sore mo nihonjin no "crafters" aitai desu. Would any of your team members be interested in contacting me? I would love to go to craft nights, knitting groups or really cool craft stores! I must learn more crafting vocabulary as well...^.^ Doomo arigato!"

Please convo her at her shop if you have any suggestions.

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