Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello from AKjapan

Hello, こんにちわ!
I'm Andrea and my ETSY shop is AKjapan. At the moment I live in Saitama with my husband and son, but at the end of this year we will move to Oizumi-machi in Gunma. I am an artist with a background in painting and printmaking. Most of my studio work is landscape and still life painting, and I exhibit regularly in Japan and occasionally elsewhere. I started my ETSY shop one year ago in order to have an outlet for smaller works. I sell small drawings and prints, and I also sell locally made origami paper and fabrics. I live in Yoriimachi which is between the weaving town of Chichibu and the paper-making town of Ogawamachi, so I am able to find nice things for ETSY shoppers in this area. I am pleased to see more and more folks in Japan are starting ETSY shops and having success with their handmade goods and locally sourced supplies.

My blog is where I link everything up and write about what I'm doing in the studio. I have also started a new Flickr group Japan ETSY. If you are a Japan based ETSY shop owner, please join!
mata ne!


Anonymous said...

Hello Andrea,
I enjoyed reading your blog. I clicked back to the first entry and finally discovered what dukaduka means. Very nice.

Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

Thanks Dave, though he no longer says "dukaduka" but "NO" and "GIMME"!;-)