Saturday, August 2, 2008

To use this template, copy and paste the information below into a plaintext email. Submit the information requested (the orange text) about your Team to along with your Team's banner attached as a .jpg. Thanks!

Region: [global or local?]
Profile: [what are your team's goals? why is your team important? who is on your team? a brief description]
[the etsy usernames of the people who organize the team, who someone can contact if they want more info]
To Join: [you must include instructions, like a contact person or link here to instruct people on how to join]
Links: [any sites your team has off etsy - google groups? flickr groups? a blog? links to pages full of other e-commerce site links will not be posted.]

Members: when submitting a member list, please just send the name in paragraph form, with commas between the name, in plain text. ie: girlscantell, sarawearsskirts, wondercabinet, stellaloella, heymichelle, daniellexo, contrary,... etc. we make them superlinks with our supermagic powers on our end. thanks!

when do you meet and where? the chat rooms? in person? how often? any sales or contests or in-person events coming up?

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