Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Osaka International Gift Show

Information is available online for the 40th Osaka International Gift Show. OIGS features about 200 exhibitors and anticipates about 50,000 visitors. It's scheduled for late September, 2008.

Let's use this event as the basis for a Kansai/Japan Etsy sellers meet-up. I will probably try to attend on the Thursday. Registration is not required.

Tokyo or Kanto residents may be interested in the Tokyo Show for which there is a visitor registration form online, in English.


ching said...

oh.. this sound interesting! if I were in Osaka, I would go and meet you.

togei said...

Hello Jaqui, Have you been to previous shows? I looked through the site and can't tell what kinds of things are happening.
A meet up sounds great.

Blooming said...

No I haven't been before but I am assuming there will be crafts on sale. Hard to say. It's not a very big function hall, I have been to a different show there. I will still check it out though. We'll try to meet up then, hey?

Blooming said...

Too bad Ching!